Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Arduino.cc Discontinues Selling the Arduino Due

Photo credit: Adafruit

In a post on the Arduino.cc developer's email list, team member Massimo Banzi stated on February 23, 2016:
When we rebuilt our manufacturing network we took the chance to redesign the product line to simplify it. We also had to decide the sequence of release giving priority to products that are most popular. Having said this we see an interest for the Due from the resellers and we’re working on a solution. In the meantime the SAM core is still supported and it’s getting updated even if we’re not selling the hardware.
He goes on to clarify:
Arduino/Genuino doesn’t sell the Due full stop.  There is a number of companies using the Arduino name and logo around the world who make boards that are called Due. As I said we’re evaluating an improved product for this market segment. 

1) Software Support: No worries, the Arduino.cc IDE has support for even ancient Arduino versions listing "Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila" and "Arduino NG or older" in the current IDE.

2) Due Chip: may possibly be on future Arduino.cc products but not the exact Due board.  Atmel also makes many variants of their chips allowing board designers to have flexibility in choices.  Time will tell.

3) Due Board: Will not be sold by Arduino.cc or under the Arduino or Genuino brands.  Any new boards will most likely be from Arduino.org or Chinese clones. The ecosphere is still free to sell derivative Due compatible boards which should be around for quite some time.

The Arduino.cc website still lists the Due in the shop but "Out of Stock".  Banzi posted the website will be amended soon.

Thoughts?  Does this complicate your decisions or do the capabilities of new boards like Arduino Zero and Arduino 101 fill the void?

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