Thursday, May 16, 2013

New: Microcenter stockup, RasPi Camera, and more

Several items for today.  First, Microcenter is continuing their expansion into electronics.
Pi now served at Microcenter (White Boxes)
Their stock of Raspberry Pi is complete with many Model B units (in slim and large boxes) at $39.99.  Digging in, I found 3 Model A units among the others at $29.99.  I found three cases (lower left) elsewhere and moved them to the same shelf.  Their semi-monthly circular is due soon, I have a feeling they might discount the Pi.  I picked up one of the $5.99 Digisparks to play with :-)

They have expanded their stock of Sparkfun products.
Sparkfun blister packs at Microcenter

They also have many kits by NightFire Electronics.  New to me.  Their website to browse is at

Finally I picked up one of the Digispark boards as I did not get in on the Kickstarter as it was my early days rediscovering electronics.

Raspberry Pi Camera Arrives

I'll hand it to Newark/Element 14, they are efficient at filling Raspberry Pi camera orders.  They shipped in an envelope that was crushed a bit and not fully sealed but everything was there.  Projected project: A wifi camera for outside if I can find a case to hold it without getting wet.  Ideas?
The camera is smaller than I expected
This week from China

I order some parts from China when I am not in a hurry and want good prices.  This week I received an RS232 TTL to signal level converter board using the MAX3232.  Not bad for $1.25 shipped via eBay.

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