Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More on the Arduino Robot

Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi discusses the new Arduino Robot in his debut weekly column for Make.

Banzi states:
After two years of hard work, experimentation, testing, and ups and downs, I’m happy to announce that our robot is ready. The Arduino Robot will be alive with us for the first time during Maker Faire Bay Area where I will show you its features and you’ll be able to experience what its capabilities are. But for us it’s not only a matter of launching a new product. It’s more important to share with you a story of how a passion for tinkering is helping us explore new, unexpected roads. That’s why I asked David Cuartielles, co-founder of Arduino and the member of our team who has spent more time and sweat on it, to reveal how it all happened ... In the last three years David moved from knowing nothing about robots to becoming an amateur roboticist with a strong interest in educational robotics. The Arduino Robot is the result of the collective effort from an international team looking at learning science fun. Arduino is now on wheels. 
You can read about the history of David's robotic journey in the article.

And for more pictures and videos, see my previous post on the Arduino Robot.

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