Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backup, Backup, Backup

I think I lost a 3TB drive on my Windows Home Server 2011 box today.  All the client PC backups were on that drive but no data that I recall so it's not a great loss.

Of course I have not automated a backup of the servers pictures, videos, and documents.  I do have a Microsoft Richcopy script to do so manually to another 3TB drive on that server.  I miss the Drive Extender technology in the old Windows Home Server to manage a copy of the data that would survive a one hard disk crash.

My last ditch backup is on such a Windows Home Server V1 box.  I haven't had that running in awhile so there are 23 patches to apply before looking to make a copy there.

Maybe my life will slow down enough so I can get all the solutions automated and bulletproof.  Or Microsoft could make an alternative to do it for me (Apple - hah!  They abandoned the server space).  There are some interesting articles on using Windows 8 and the Storage Spaces capability acting as a home server but I'd like something more tried & true.

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