Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Current Writings on the Adafruit Learning System and Blog

Where have I been writing if not on the blog? Besides writing my new book Make: Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, I have been writing a good number of tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System and posts on the Adafruit Blog.

What is the Adafruit Learning System? It's 1500+ free tutorials on making. With the best writers on making, electronics, and open source, the Adafruit Learning System is the place to look for inspiration for your next project.

You can find projects I have contributed to here.

Of course I have a good deal of writing on the Circuit Playground Express board - it's the easiest way to start interacting with electronics and making.

Lately my writing has focused on the new Adafruit Crickit robotics board. This not yet another robotic board (NYARB?). You certainly can make robots that look like the two wheeled bots everybody makes. But it is designed to do so much more. Do you want to use stepper motors and/or servos, check. Add NeoPixel LED lights, check. Add concurrent sound to your project, yes! So you are able to do so much more compared to previous products.

Crickit comes in two versions, one for use with Circuit Playground Express and one for Adafruit Feather  processors and boards. Adafruit has hinted of upcoming versions of Crickit for the BBC micro:bit and one for the Raspberry Pi as a HAT.

So, if you'd like to read more of my writing, please visit the Adafruit Learning System and the Adafruit blog.

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