Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Lull and Where New Projects Are Being Posted

Summer has been rather busy around here.  With warm weather comes home improvement and three fair sized projects (deck, plumbing, foundation leak).

But I've still had time for electronic projects.  I received my Adafruit Trinket ATTiny85 based board and I was off connecting circuits.  This was a challenge, as many Arduino libraries do not work out of the box as the Tiny has fewer onboard hardware resources and limited memory.   So I started some posts on my progress, not here on the blog but on Google+.   It was faster.

Then I got "the e-mail".  Adafruit sent me a message stating they liked the work I had done on Trinket and asked if I wanted to write some tutorials.  Of course!  After formally asking work to ensure I had the ethics issues taken care of, I've started some articles, two of which have been posted.  My articles will appear in a group on this page.

Exciting, definitely.  So for fans of my open source posts, for now I suggest looking on the Adafruit Learning System for guides, mine will be there.

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