Sunday, December 2, 2012

MicroCenter Maker Parts Expansion

As I had hoped, MicroCenter has increased their stock of electronics and Maker kits.  Parts from Arduino, Sparkfun, Maker Shed and Parallax are included.

They are also selling Arduinos at good prices.  I confirmed they are official models (it was unclear from print and online ads).  Their sale has the Arduino Uno for $17.99 (usually $19.99), Ethernet Shield $29.99, Arduino Ethernet $44.99, Mega $34.99.  The prices on other items appears to follow retail pricing, the clone Osepp Uno is $29.99 as is the Sparkfun Uno.  Sadly no Arduino Due parts spotted.

Now, hopefully Makers get the idea and frequent brick and mortar shops like MicroCenter, Radio Shack, etc. to buy items so they can make a profit.  And there is room to do this - while the online stores are convenient and prices are good, there are times when one is making a project when you want a part NOW, not a week via mail, not a month from China.

There is always the possibility MicroCenter could have a sale post Christmas (and post gift cards, usually around the beginning of the year "end of year sale").

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