Monday, October 22, 2012

Due Day

Today's the day that the first retailer that I have seen has said they are actually selling the Arduino Due - Adafruit.  In an earlier post I stated that the 32 bit microcontroller market, one that blurs the distinction with computers like the Raspberry Pi, is crowded.  My final analysis was the product had to be priced right, under $50.  And I seemed to have hit it, with Adafruit pricing an assembled unit (with headers) at $49.95.

They had quantity discounts listed up until 11:25 a.m. but pulled those, perhaps due to limited quantities at introduction.

With the final feature set now being released, probable software like wav/ogg file generation, second USB host connection, the product does seem to hit a market others do not have covered.

I hope shield compatibility works out better than the Arduino Leonardo, which has been very problematic (although you can buy an extra TransmogriShield from Sparkfun to rearrange connections for an extra $14.95).

The Maker community will have these in hand soon, I sincerely hope some very cool projects and add-ons/shields come out in short order.

PS If one wants to make their own compatibility between a classic Arduino shield and other products, check out this Kickstarter for a cool board.

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