Saturday, February 9, 2019

Documentation for the Paradise Systems MGC II 8-bit MGA/CGA/Composite Video Card

In the 4th IBM PC I purchased, an IBM PC/XT 5160, the video card that was in the system was the original card bought around May 1986. Fortunately I also had the IBM binders from the PC and the documentation was in the system binder.

This is the Paradise MGC II video card version 4.0. Full length, it can display Monochrome Graphics Adapter, Color Graphics Adapter, or Composite video out (selectable via jumper). 

The card was built to be modular so daughterboards such as a parallel printer adapter board could be added. The card I received had no daughterboards.

The documentation for this card is very scant on the Internet, with the only real documentation I found is at:
The documentation hints that Paradise may have been affiliated with Western Digital. Wikipedia bears this out without reference:

If anyone knows of decent documentation for Paradise gear, please let the Internet know including me at @mikedigitalhome on Twitter.

Scanned Documentation

Here is a PDF of the material I have: pictures, disk, warranty card, quick sheet, and manual

Paradise Systems MGC II Video Card Documentation (PDF)

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  1. Have you archived that floppy disk anywhere? I'd be interested in getting a copy of it, for the card I have. Thanks!


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