Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Comparing Microcontroller Wi-Fi Solutions, 2017 Edition

One of my most popular blog posts cataloged a selection of popular wi-fi chips and modules available for providing wireless in a microcontroller project. Some solutions can be microcontroller and wi-fi all in one. Some are expensive, some very affordable.

Today I present a new comparison chart. It has many more products. And an accompanying chart lists available development boards that implement one of the wi-fi solutions so you can buy one and use it yourself (if the wi-fi solution is a hard to use chip or module). Many companies offer products using the available wi-fi chips so the developer or hobbyist can access it effectively. Or to add a microcontroller to provide a development solution.

I will paste pictures of the spreadsheets below. They will be too small to use so there are duplicates at the bottom in full size for practical use.

The 2017 Wi-Fi solution comparison chart (use the full size chart below for practical use)
Note: When I compare a vendor solution, I try to get the smallest "unit" available, re. if the chip can be purchased, data is on the chip. If the solution is a module, then info is on the module. Finally, for something like Edison, it is basically a full wi-fi enabled compute solution. Use the second table to find some of the commonly available boards that may be purchased for developers and hobbyists to use:

Boards that use the Wi-Fi solutions in the first chart (use full size image below for real use)

Now that you know you have a hard time reading those, here are the full size versions to study:

The 2017 Wi-Fi Solution Comparison Chart

The 2017 List of Products Using the 2017 Wi-Fi Products Compared

Please note that this information may be used by you and others under the
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License.
Mainly: please cite me and a link to this blog if you share the information. It takes a bit of research to pull together, so I provide it for your use, just let others know it was me who compiled it.

If you find this helpful or find issues, leave a comment in the blog.

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