Friday, October 3, 2014

Making a Flexibly Powered Qi Charger

Just out yesterday: is a way nice Qi Charging module from Adafruit Industries.  This module allows you to hack together an inductive charger with input from multiple sources.  So I have looked at some methods to power the Qi charger:

  • The standard wall transformer for mains to 5 volts
  • A mobile Qi charger powered by a LiPo Battery
  • A solar powered, LiPo backed Qi Charger
The last two methods allow you to take your Qi charger away from the wall - out and about.  Here are some diagrams for all three methods:

Each of the methods should be connected (individually, not together - that's an either-or arrow) to the Qi charger.  Different LiPo batteries can be used with more or less capacity.  

Pretty much all of the Qi chargers I have seen have a wall connection - they have not been imagined as a mobile device, as most of the Qi chargers (well...) charge a mobile device.

The next article will look at methods for using a Qi receiver module and what we might want to do besides charge our phone or tablet.  Ideas?

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