Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kicad: Making Your Own Circuit Boards

Last weekend, I took a class on using KiCad, the free, open source circuit board design program.  I hadn't made a board since high school using a Radio Shack etch-it-yourself kit.  To be honest, college was mostly wire wrap in those times.

The class was sponsored by WyoLum, held at the Nova Labs makerspace, and taught by Anool Mahidharia who had flown over from Mumbai with his bride to attend the Open Hardware Summit.

In the course of the weekend, we learned how to use KiCad, building a power supply, then building our own creation.

My design is at OSH Park now and should be delivered this week.  I will not spoil the surprise as there is a healthy chance there will need to be another set of revisions to get it where it should be.

I would guess I qualify now for the KiCad Skills Badge :)

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