Thursday, November 1, 2012

Picade - a Kickstarter for a Raspberry Pi based arcade game

Out of the gate fast, Picade is the first UK based Kickstarter and it's not far from it's goal of 32,768 pounds on day 2.  The Picade and Picade Mini are high-quality desk top arcade cabinets for your Raspberry Pi® that are designed and manufactured with care in Sheffield, UK.

Each comes with a screen (800 pixels or so on the mini, 1024 on the full version).  The costs are not great but not unreasonable given they are kits and do not come with a Pi.  Shipping to the US is 20 to 25 pounds extra.

I'd jump on this if they made a version that did not include the display but had the buttons and control circuitry with video out to the Pi's HDMI or composite out - it would keep the price and bulk down.

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