Monday, November 26, 2012

Lots of Sales, Items Running Out

I like to shop the early sales but I have found that certain items I want to buy, especially at Maker stores, are out of stock.  Hard to see a sale but no stock.  I jumped when Adafruit got RFID boards back in but there are still many things they carry that are out of stock (but understandable given Sandy).  The Arduino Due seems very elusive (but I have one in route from Maker Shed from a week ago).  Maker Shed briefly stated they had more stock but it was a stock error.

I may be looking for a new laptop - the Dell XPS I wrote of earlier is having issues again (not too unexpected) - it will keep running if left on but that isn't very reliable.

I have been organizing the shop a bit more so it should be easier to work.  I got some vintage parts drawers off eBay to match my vintage drawers I got back in the 70's/80s (plastic drawers really have not come down in price).

I've ordered some cool parts so I should be able make some great things.

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