Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Instilling Confidence in New Projects: Talk to the Crowd

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and good Kickstarter projects share an important feature when it comes to instilling confidence in a newly developed customer base: talk, and lots of it.

When one has a concept but no shipping product, how do you convince potential customers?  Certainly not News Releases (which are ignored regularly).  No, blog posts, spec sheets, and lots and lots of answering questions from the Internet.  Nothing appeases the masses like information - when no product is in hand, it is the only currency you may have.

Does a plethora of information help?  Yes - look at the Pebble watch Kickstarter and many more.

So if you plan to do "something wonderful" and need (or want) support then put the word out, frequently, and ensure you engage your customers' questions.

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