Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gertboard Availability Follow-up

The Raspberry Pi forums are humming today with posts on the fate of the Gertboard but no word from the Raspberry Pi Foundation nor additional posts by Farnell the distributor.  The only post I saw from inventor Gert van Loo was a response on a copyright on the name which he confirmed he had.

What little is known is that both Farnell and Tandy have zero stock and Farnell has discontinued the kit product.  It appears the board may be back as a completed board but would a manufacturer want to redesign things to take more advantage of surface mount for pick-n-place machines?  Would they wish to edge out our man Gert from the process?

Well some folks are posting on actually using their Raspberry Pi + Gertboard.  See Youtube here and here.  I have yet to start my build (I hear it's about 3.5 hours to do) and I'm committed to get the house ready for Hurricane Sandy :(

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